The Best Tools For Supercharging Your Mac Menu Bar

By | July 20, 2022

The Best Tools For Supercharging Your Mac Menu Bar


If you’re tired of the menu bar on your Mac, there are some great solutions for you. You can try Swish, iStat Menus, Display Menu, and eqMac2 to give your Mac more features. Read on to find out more. Besides Swish, you can also try eqMac2, a free tool which will give you customizable menu bar options.

The Best Tools For Supercharging Your Mac Menu Bar

The Best Tools For Supercharging Your Mac Menu Bar


Swish for Mac is a window manager that is more intuitive than other window managers. Swish can snap windows side by side and honors the macOS look. You can also switch between open windows with a simple swipe of two fingers. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move windows around. Swish has 28 intuitive gestures that supercharge your workflow, reducing the number of clicks and buttons on your Mac menu bar.

Once installed, Swish is easy to use. Swish has a 7-day free trial, so you can test it out first. Once installed, Swish requires the appropriate permissions. To get started with Swish, open the preferences panel. If you have any questions, you can read Swish’s FAQ to understand how gestures work. Swish is also available for free in the Mac App Store.

Swish is a great app to use if you use a Mac. It adds an extra layer of gestures to your Mac, and without it, you won’t be able to use it. Swish lets you use trackpad gestures to minimize, close, and quit apps. Using Swish on your Mac makes your gestures as natural as the ones native to the OS. It’s so easy to use that Swish will become a regular part of your daily routine.

iStat Menus

The iStat Menus extension for Mac OS X includes a variety of customizable features for your menu bar, including a world clock and calendar with detailed sun and moon information. You can also customize alerts and configure your menu bar’s icons. The app also allows you to view the battery level of your other devices. Setapp is a subscription service that offers over 200 useful apps for Mac users, without any ads or additional fees. iStat Menus is a great example of a useful menu bar app. The developer behind it, Bjango, has put together a very clean interface with minimal clutter, while still providing a wealth of useful information.

iStat Menus is an indispensable utility for Mac users. It lives in the menu bar and tracks every possible indicator of your computer’s health. It can tell you whether your Mac is running at its maximum capacity or if your system is using excessive RAM or CPU. Using this tool will help you identify any problems before they cause significant damage to your computer.

iStat Menus are also useful for monitoring your active processes. It also tracks processes and apps. These two tools make your Mac run faster and more smoothly. While iStat Menus are the best tools for supercharging your Mac menu bar, you can always try out a free trial version before buying it. This way, you can see for yourself what it’s like to have your own supercharger for your menu bar!

Display Menu

How to display menu bar on Mac? The menu bar is located on the top of the screen. It houses the entire range of menus, including Wi-Fi and battery indicators. The menu bar is infinitely customizable, as you can add, remove, or rearrange the icons that are displayed there. Here are some of the most useful options for customizing your menu bar. To change the order of the items in your menu bar, simply hold down the left mouse button, and drag the selected items.

The menu bar can be hidden for several reasons, including wrong key presses or an unknown keyboard shortcut. One easy way to fix this problem is to restart your Mac, and force-quit any applications you may be using. Force-quit apps will also remove the menu bar from the screen, and it will automatically reappear when you restart. If you still have trouble with the menu bar, you can try updating the Mac OS to the latest version.

If you have a Mac, you have probably noticed a thin strip running across the top of your screen. The menu bar is composed of many useful icons, including the Apple menu and System Preferences. By clicking these icons, you can perform tasks, perform commands, or check their status. The menu bar is customizable, but you must first enable it before you can add or remove it. You can also change its size and color, and even remove it altogether.


eqMac2 is a free system-wide audio equalizer for the Mac menu bar. It includes a 10-band equalizer, and with the eqMac2 Pro subscription, you can also enjoy spatial audio, volume mixer, and expert equalizer. One of the most useful applications for the Mac menu bar is the Display Menu, which makes it easier to change display settings. The display menu lists supported resolutions and refresh rates, and allows you to toggle screen mirroring and enable retina resolution.

eqMac is a free audio equalizer for the Mac, which helps you optimize audio quality and playback. It features built-in speakers and support for HDMI and Bluetooth USB. It also enables you to connect AirPlay devices. It is a professional-grade parametric EQ that allows you to control the sound quality of your Mac’s audio output.


For macOS users, the Itsycal application is an excellent option for supercharging their menu bar calendar. This application is always-on and a great complement to the built-in Calendar app. Its menu bar interface is fully integrated with Calendar, displaying the month date in classic grid view. You can even add events with the Command+N keyboard shortcut. For more information about this application, visit the project website.

With a natural-language parser, Itsycal suggests dates, hours, and events for the user’s calendar. The calendar should suggest the date and time of an event and show only the appropriate data. Itsycal’s short-cut keys and help page make navigation easy and fast. It’s free, small, and extremely customizable. Try it today and enjoy a more productive Mac!


If you want to supercharge your Mac menu bar, you’ve come to the right place. The menu bar is a functional space that doesn’t take up much screen real estate but provides a ton of functionality. In addition to showing battery life and Wi-Fi status, the menu bar is also useful for notifications and widgets. However, you might not have discovered all its capabilities. To make it more effective, here are 3 apps that can supercharge your Mac menu bar:

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